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Photos from India 20A Reunions

National Peace Corps Reunion, Washington, D.C.-1986

Top Row: Reid Melton, Kathleen Sperry, Peter Luce, Joyce Horton-Sherman

Bottom Row: Sue Luce, Karen LaBuhn (Thornbury)

Reunion Held in Rochester, New York - 1988



(L-R) Peter Luce, Richard Smith, Michael Sherman, Joyce Horton-Sherman, Karen Thornbury (LaBuhn), Diane Dickerson (King), Maryilyn Martiny (Kuschel) Sue Herring, Kathleen Arganbright (Koon), Dieter Kuschel (Marilyn's husband-a former German volunteer in the Indian state of Kerala)


Reunion Held in Rochester, New York - 1990

(L-R) Looking at an India 20A Album

Marilyn Kuschel, Sue Luce, Karen Thornbury (Labuhn), Katie Thomas (Brookes), Peter Luce, Werner Hollestein

Katie, Marilyn and Richard in Diane's kitchen


The Lake Tahoe Reunion June 17-22, 2003

Thirty-six years later and just about everyone showed up











































































There have been several get togethers of India 20A group members over the last several years.  Many of us travel a great deal and when we are in a city where other members of the group are located we always arrange to meet (ok- so I am in a lot of the pictures, at least I brought my camera, RAS).

Richard Smith & Judy (Clark) Jones in Seattle, Washington - May 2005

Dieter Kuschel (Marilyn's husband and former German volunteer in Kerala), Richard Smith, and Marilyn (Martiny) Kuschel in Germany (Kurhaus Bad Aipling-someplace near Salzburg, Austria) in March 2006

Richard Smith and Marilyn Kuschel in Salzburg, Austria - March 2006

Marilyn Kuschel and Reid Melton in Bamberg, Germany August 2006

Richard Smith, Sue and Peter Luce-Rochester, New York-August 2006

Reid Melton, Jan and Terry Ebersole, at Jan and Terry's home near Seattle, Washington September 2007

Reid Melton, Joyce and Mike Sherman, at Reid's home in Santa Barbara, California - February 1, 2008

Richard Smith, Joyce and Michael Sherman at Richard's house 2-3-08

Rochester, New York-April 23-24, 2009

Diane King and her husband Sam in the backyard of Pete and Sue Luce. Taken during Richard Smith's visit to Rochester April 23-24, 2009.

Sue and Pete Luce - April 23, 2009

 Richard Smith and his wife Marion in Pete and Sue Luce's backyard, Rochester, N.Y., April 23, 2009

Richard, Diane Sue, and Pete, April 23, 2009 Rochester, New York

Richard, Diane, and Sue hold a Skype video phone call with India 20A RPCV Marilyn Kuschel who now lives in Germany.   What a contrast to our days in India during 1965 to 1967. Our methods of distance communication were the "inland letter" and the telegram.  (Rochester, N.Y. April 24, 2009)

Santa Barbara, California 2009

Karen LaBuhn (Thornbury) and Reid Melton. Taken at Reid's home in Santa Barbara, California in December 2009.

San Francisco, January 13, 2010


Richard Means, Katy Brookes (Thomas), And Richard Smith met in San Francisco and had a swell lunch at LuLu's Restaurant.

Austin, Texas 4-8-2010

India 20A returned volunteers Sue and Peter Luce met with India 20A RPCV Richard Smith and his wife Marion in Austin, Texas (April 8, 2010). They had a great time at the LBJ Library housed at The University of Texas at Austin.  They also toured the rest of the UT-Austin campus stopping for photos in front of the famous Texas "Tower" which serves as the university's main administration building.  Richard received his Ph.D. from UT way back in 1979.  Of course, the opportunity for Indian food was not missed. The group dined at "The Clay Pot" which cooks up some of the best Indian food in the area.  Joining them for dinner were the Luce's daughter Diana and the Smith's son Benjamin (who at the time was a sophomore at UT).

Reunion - Rochester, New York - July 19-23, 2010

Diane King, Richard Smith, Karen Thornbury, Peter Luce, Sue Luce, Kathy Argenbright, Marilyn Kuschel at Ontario Beach Park, Rochester


Diane King, Karen Thornbury, Kathy Argenbright, Peter Luce, Marilyn Kuschel, Richard Smith  at Ontario Beach Park, Rochester


Marilyn Kuschel and Diane King at Ontario Beach Park, Rochester











Richard Smith and Marilyn Kuschel  at Ontario Beach Park, Rochester (and both in very good humor!)

Richard Means Visits Rochester, N.Y. - July 31, 2010
Well, about one week after Karen, Kathy, Marilyn, and I (Richard) left Rochester, Richard Means and his wife Joan arrived in Rochester to visit Peter, Sue, Diane, and Sam.

Here are Sue, Richard Means, Diane, and Peter.  This photo was taken July 31st, 2010 about 45 years since we all met at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to start training to become Peace Corps Volunteers. It is amazing how everybody looks just about the same as in 1965.

Berlin - May 1, 2012.

Pete and Sue Luce, Dieter and Marilyn Kuschel

 Taken on the roof terrace restaurant of the KaDeWe Department Store in Berlin on May 1, 2012.

Rochester, New York - Reunion July 13-14, 2012


Sue Luce, Pete Luce, & Marilyn Martiny


Marion Smith (Richard's wife) Karen Thornbury (Labuhn) Gordon Labuhn, Sue Luce, Sam King (Diane's husband), & Peter Luce


Diane and Sue

Marilyn, Sue, & Peter


Peter and Diane in Diane's living room.

Marilyn in Diane's living room.

Kathy Arganbright (Koon) and Karen Thornbury (Labuhn) in Diane's living room.


Marilyn Martiny (Kuschel)


Diane Dickerson (King)


Karen, Marilyn, & Kathy


Diane with Sue in the background


Karen and her husband Gordon

Peter, Marilyn, Gordon (Karen's husband) Richard Smith

Sam (Diane's husband), Gordon Labuhn, Peter, & Marilyn

At the India House Restaurant: Diane, Sue, Kathy, & Marilyn

At the India House Restaurant:: Peter, Sam, & Gordon.

At the India House Restaurant:: Diane, Sue, Kathy, & Marilyn


Reid and Diane in California 2012

 Reid and Diane in Reid's home in California.  July 2012

Colorado Springs, CO Reunion Sept. 2013

Group with spouses


Arrival afternoon

Diane King with her husband Sam

Werner Hollstein and Richard (Means)

Richard Means and his wife Joan

Jerry Hayashida and Richard Means

Gay (Nadler) Echevarria 

Phil & Sue Scholl, Terry Ebersole & Mike Sherman

Richard Smith, Steve Sloane & Steve's wife Diana

Trish Marsh, Jan & Terry Ebersole

Richard Smith

Phil Scholl

Phil and Sue Scholl

Jan and Terry Ebersole

Joyce Horton-Sherman

Marilyn (Martiny) Kuschel and her husband Dieter join us from Germany via Skype

Jerry & Carol Hyashida

Steve and Diana Sloane & Richard Smith

Steve and Mike

Air Force Academy Chapel

New York City Mini-Reunion June 9-14, 2015

Pete Luce, Diane King, Sue Luce, & Richard Smith  (Are they really 71 years old in 2015?)

Diane King at a Manhattan Coffee Shop

Sue Luce, Peter Luce, & Diane King at the Union Square Weekend Farmers Market

Diane King - Approaching Lower Manhattan on the Ellis Island (Liberty Island) Ferry

Pete and Sue Luce (seated) while Diane King talks with Marion Smith, Richard's wife at the Ellis Island Museum

Sue and Peter Luce on the balcony overlooking the Ellis Island immigrant reception hall.

Diane King at the entrance to the Ellis Island museum waiting for the rest of us to catch up with her.

Mini Reunion, Rochester NY July 2015

Karen, Kathy, Richard, Susan, Diane, Peter, Joyce, Marilyn and Michael - At this point, it has been just about 50 years since we reported for Peace Corps training, August 31st, 1965


Taking a break

Peter at Starbucks

Richard at Starbucks, Diane in background

Joyce, Susan, Peter, & Diane

Reunion Seattle, WA July 2017

© R.A. Smith