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Served 1965 - 1967   

Photos From India 20A's Training at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Photos from Peace Corps training held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee August 31 - November 22, 1965

(During India 20A's training cycle the Bob Dylan song "Maggie's Farm" was constantly heard during training breaks - RAS)

Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) Chester Noreikis, Phil Scholl and Gay Nadler Photographed just after a lecture by Lady Bird Johnson  (and before Phil told Mrs. Johnson what a pleasure it was to meet her or words to that effect).









Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson walks past India 20A trainees standing in a presentation line. Visible are trainees Steve Sloane, Julie Revilla, and Phil Scholl














PCTs Chester Noreikis, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy (Malaylam language teacher) and Richard Smith (Notice Chester's daringly long hair. Chester also wore sandals on the first day of training, kind of a pre-hippie)

PCTs Norman Bell, David Johnson, Werner Hollstein and Richard Smith starting work on an outhouse constructed as part of our two-week training experience on the Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. October 1965










PCTs Richard Smith and Norm Bell shaving in the early morning hours during our stay at the Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Reservation. October 1965












Richard Smith on the Stockbridge Munsee Indian Reservation. October 1965 

PCTs Richard Smith, Kunjujamma Mathew (Malayalam language instructor) and Marilyn Martiny

Rodney Moag-Director of India 20A Malayalam Language Instruction












PCTs Richard Smith, Gay Nadler and Julie Revilla. Photo taken on a Sunday when the only training requirement was to watch 3 hours of Indian films such as the Pather Panchali Trilogy (Notice the hip sunglasses)









Mardic Crowe and George Thompsen during recreation time doing their part to help the local Milwaukee economy.

Malayalam language training class students: On floor-Diane King (Dickerson), Mardic Crowe, Jerry Hyashida

Seated - Tom Culbertson, Malayali Trainer, George Thompson

Marilyn Martiny demonstrating how to hold a common bottle that could be used to contain purified water.

On Campus at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Jerry Hyashida

Tom Culbertson

Malayalam Language Class (Note:  there was a maximum of four students to each instructor)

On Campus at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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