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Peace Corps Information on the Web - The official Peace Corps web site. - This is a direct link to the Peace Corps-Returned Volunteers Page. It contains a listing of various returned Peace Corps groups and groups related to the Peace Corps. It enables returned volunteers to stay connected with the Peace Corps. - Statement upon signing order establishing the Peace Corps made by President John F. Kennedy (Executive Order 10924), March 1, 1961 - This is a United States Office of Personnel Management website. USAJOBS is the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. - The Peace Corps 1960-62 - The National Peace Corps Association - The National Peace Corps Association listing of returned peace corps volunteer groups. - The National Peace Corps Association Facebook page. - Peace Corps Online is an independent News Forum edited and published by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and has no affiliation or connection with the federal agency, the US Peace Corps. - teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school.  In this case it teaches you about the Peace Corps. -
Gulf Coast Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. A group for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Houston. - Chicago Area Peace Corps Association’s (CAPCA) Peace Corps Links. A comprehensive guide to Peace Corps related resources on the internet - Web site of the Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience - This Peace Gallery presents images from around the world as seen through the cameras of Peace Corps volunteers. - This web site was created by Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine to share resources and their experiences of living in Ukraine. - A group of returned Peace Corps Volunteers that believe in the third goal of the Peace Corps, “bringing the world home.” - This site contains information about the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of New Jersey, a calendar of events, news from the Peace Corps world, and links to Peace Corps related sites. - The first Southern Nevada RPCV webpage - The Santa Barbara Peace Corps website - The new Friends of India website. This organization was started in the early 1970s. One of the original organizers was India 20A's Reid Melton. - The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - The Peace Corps in India-A web page from The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - The Peace Corps Online/messages - The experience of RPCV Benjamin Horwitz (not an India 20A member) in India. It is very well written and informative. - The Chicago Area Peace Corps Association's Peace Corps links. A comprehensive guide to Peace Corps related resources on the Internet - Country of service websites - The story of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peace Corps Training Center (the place where India 20A trained in 1965) - The story of the Peace Corps 1960-62 - The story of Peace Corps India 102 - (1970 - 72) - Before they Pass Away - A record of a variety of indigenous tribes from various places in the world. 




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