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Peace Corps Information on the Web - The official Peace Corps web site. - This is a direct link to the Peace Corps-Returned Volunteers Page. It contains a listing of various returned Peace Corps groups and groups related to the Peace Corps. It enables returned volunteers to stay connected with the Peace Corps. - Statement upon signing order establishing the Peace Corps made by President John F. Kennedy (Executive Order 10924), March 1, 1961 - This is a United States Office of Personnel Management website. USAJOBS is the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. - The Peace Corps 1960-62 - The National Peace Corps Association - The National Peace Corps Association listing of returned peace corps volunteer groups. - The National Peace Corps Association Facebook page. - Peace Corps Online is an independent News Forum edited and published by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and has no affiliation or connection with the federal agency, the US Peace Corps. - teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school.  In this case it teaches you about the Peace Corps. -
Gulf Coast Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. A group for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Houston. - Chicago Area Peace Corps Association’s (CAPCA) Peace Corps Links. A comprehensive guide to Peace Corps related resources on the internet - Web site of the Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience - This Peace Gallery presents images from around the world as seen through the cameras of Peace Corps volunteers. - This web site was created by Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine to share resources and their experiences of living in Ukraine. - A group of returned Peace Corps Volunteers that believe in the third goal of the Peace Corps, “bringing the world home.” - This site contains information about the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of New Jersey, a calendar of events, news from the Peace Corps world, and links to Peace Corps related sites. - The first Southern Nevada RPCV webpage - The Santa Barbara Peace Corps website - The new Friends of India website. This organization was started in the early 1970s. One of the original organizers was India 20A's Reid Melton. - The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - The Peace Corps in India-A web page from The Independent News Forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - The Peace Corps Online/messages - The experience of RPCV Benjamin Horwitz (not an India 20A member) in India. It is very well written and informative. - The Chicago Area Peace Corps Association's Peace Corps links. A comprehensive guide to Peace Corps related resources on the Internet - Country of service websites - The story of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peace Corps Training Center (the place where India 20A trained in 1965) - The story of the Peace Corps 1960-62 - The story of Peace Corps India 102 - (1970 - 72) - Before they Pass Away - A record of a variety of indigenous tribes from various places in the world. - "The Adventures of India20A" Describes the experiences of the members of India 20A 1965-67. - A one hour 8mm by  India 20A PCV Phil Scholl that documents his experiences during service in India 1965 to 1967.  India 20A PCV Richard Smith describes the  Peace Corps Volunteer selection process that occurred during the group's training at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1965. - India 20A PCV Richard Smith describes his first experience attending a vasectomy operation in a rural public health center in the state of Kerala, India in 1966. - India 20A PCV Richard Smith describes his experience suffering from bacillary dysentery on the three and a half day train ride from New Delhi to the state of Kerala, India in 1965.

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