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Served 1965 - 1967   

On-Site Orientation to India Schedule-1965
First click here and then click here to see the schedule of  orientation events that India 20A followed upon its arrival in India.  Notice that it was quite extensive, just as the training at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee had been.  Note that one of the speakers was Dr. Sushila Nayar.  Dr. Nayar had been the personal physician to Mahatma Ghandi.  When the orientation ended, the volunteers departed for their sites in rural India.  The Kerala volunteers faced a three and a half day train ride to Kerala.  Several of the volunteers were very sick during the trip. For example, click here to see India 20A member Richard Smith's description of his train ride to Kerala.

To get an idea of what the India 20A volunteers experienced in India click here.  This film, originally shot in 8mm was produced by India 20A member Phil Scholl.

Photos From India 1965-67


  George Thompson, Dennis Best (Bottom) Sue Herring, Peter Luce - 1967











Essie Jackson, Richard Smith, Dave Johnson at home in Puthenthope, Kerala. Newly arrived in December 1965








Richard Smith bathing in the Ganges River at dawn 1967

Marilyn Martiny and Diane Dickerson boarding a private plane to Calcutta. Those two could hitchhike!!! Note the spiffy runway.














Pete Luce With Friends


Diane Dickerson, Karen Thornbury with their friends Lily, DeVagi, Padma, and Nalini















Andrea  Bowers, Chester Noreikis, and Michael Sherman passing time on the 26 hour plan ride to India, (note the politically incorrect cigar and cigarettes) - December 1965

Marilyn Martiny, Richard Smith, Henry (Moon) Mullins on the plane to India. Notice the small interior of the Boeing 707. Also check those ties and white shirts on Richard and Moon - December 1965


On the plane to India. George Thompson, Kathleen Sperry, Katie Thomas (first row) Steve (ever the gentleman)Sloane with Karen Thornbury asleep on his shoulder (second row) - December 1965









Diane Dickerson in Darjeeling, 1967

 Tom Joyce (Peace Corps regional director), Joyce Horton, Reid Melton in Goa, 1967


Cheyl Axtell, Marilyn Martiny, Penny Pendleton, and Gerry Hyashida at their site in Trichur, Kerala

Cheyl Axtell, Gerry Hyashida, Penny Pendleton, and Marilyn Martiny at their site in Trichur, Kerala

Dick, Diane Karen at the Erumpathy, Kerala Public Health Center

Werner, Diane, Dick, and Karen - July 4, 1967 - Erumpathy, Kerala

Diane, Marilyn,


Kathy Arganbright, Marilyn Martiny, and Joyce Horton in Goa






Special Letters

Chester Bowles was the American ambassador to India during the time India 20A was in the country.  On a visit to Kerala, Ambassador Bowles and his wife Steb, visited the India 20A Peace Corps group living in Erumpathy. Click here to view the thank you letter received by PCV Diane Dickerson from Mr. Bowles.

From time-to-time, India 20A volunteers had to write reports on their life in the villages.  Click here to read a thank you letter to Diane Dickerson from India Peace Corps Director Kellogg Smith.


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